Single Bob

Single Bob  #

Introduction  #

The Single Bob test is an assessment tool designed to evaluate an individual's level of comfort or fear when interacting with aquatic environments. It evaluates the willingness to immerse parts of the face and head, but does not take into account the form, technique, or method used to immerse. The Single Bob test is performed as an aptitude test, rather than a proficiency test. Meaning it is designed to assess an individual’s readiness or capacity for learning skills in an aquatic environment, not their bobbing performance or breath control ability.

Description  #

The Single Bob test is defined by the following body posturePostureThe particular way the body is held while doing an activity. Mobility specialists define posture as the way you position your body or arrange your limbs, such as “to stand up straight with your shoulders back and your chin up.” , arm formsFormThe visible shape or configuration of something. Mobility specialists define form as an arrangement of the elements in a composition; the way something (or someone) is shaped or arranged. , leg forms, breathing, and timing characteristics and features.

Single Bob Description  #

This test should be performed using the pool deck or wall for support.


  1. Body positioned vertically
  2. One or both hands on deck or wall

Bob Sequence

  1. Begin with head above surface
  2. Fully submerge head
  3. Return head above surface


  1. Perform one bob without hesitation

Assessment  #

Scoring  #

The following scoring rubricScoring rubricA guide that includes rating scales and descriptions of one or more criteria used to evaluate the performance of a skill. lists the gradients of key requirements and deficiencies that provide an overall description of different competence levels. A single score is assigned based on the instructor’s judgment of the student’s performance.

Single Bob Scoring Rubric  #


Exhibits the following:

  • Does not enter the pool


Exhibits any of the following:

  • Does not attempt the bob
  • Does not submerge mouth or face


Performs the following:

  • Submerges mouth or face

Exhibits the following:

  • Does not fully submerge head


Performs the following:

  • Fully submerges head

Exhibits any of the following:

  • Does not submerge in a mostly vertical position
  • Hesitates or is uncomfortable


Performs all of the following:

  • Submerges in a mostly vertical position
  • Fully submerges head
  • Submerges and recovers comfortably and without hesitation