Offline Editing

Offline Editing  #

Introduction  #

With Offline Editing, it is possible to view and edit Google Drive files offline. Once you are back online, the files that you worked on offline should be updated and synced automatically.

Changing settings  #

Step 1  #

If you have created a Hawaii Aquatics profile, start from a Chrome browser window with this profile to ensure that Offline Editing will work properly.

Step 2  #

Go to:

Step 3  #

You will be directed to the Google Docs home screen.

Step 4  #

In the top left, click the three-bar Menu symbol.

Step 5  #

Click Settings.

Step 6  #

Turn Offline to on by clicking the circular button to the right.

Step 7  #

There will be a message that pops up in the lower-left corner of your browser, indicating that your Google Docs files are being set up for Offline use.

Step 8  #

When the setup is complete, click the blue OK button.

Note: When you turn on offline access for either Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Drive, it will be automatically turned on for the other services/software as well.