Reading List

Reading List  #

Introduction  #

The Reading List extension gives you the ability to easily maintain a list of pages and their links that can be saved so that they can be referenced later. It also provides a convenient way of compiling an easy-to-access database of links and pages.

Installation  #

Step 1  #

If you have a created a “Hawaii Aquatics” Person, start from a Chrome browser window with this Person

Step 2  #

Go to:

Step 3  #

Click the blue + ADD TO CHROME button located in the upper-right corner.

Step 4  #

A pop-up will appear—click Add extension.

Step 5  #

You should receive a notification confirming that the installation was successful.

Saving a page  #

Go to a page that you want to save for later. Make sure that the page is the active tab in your browser window. There are two different ways to save pages.

Option 1  #

Click the Reading List icon located near the top-right of your browser.

Click the green + button located to the right of Reading List.

Option 2  #

Right-click to make some options appear. Scroll over to and click the Add page to Reading List option.

Viewing saved pages  #

Step 1  #

To view your saved pages, click the Reading List icon located near the top-right of your browser.

Step 2  #

The Reading List window will appear. The UNREAD tab is active by default and displays a list of all your saved pages that have not yet been accessed through this extension. UNREAD pages will be recategorized into the ALL tab after they are read for the first time. You can also use the Search box to look for specific pages.

Step 3  #

To remove an item from the list, click the × located next to the specific page in your reading list (above the pencil icon).