Zoom – Sign In

Zoom - Sign In  #

Starting Zoom (Windows 8/10)  #

Step 1  #

Type the Windows and Q keys on the keyboard to bring up a search function on your desktop.

Step 2  #

Type “Zoom” in the search bar (“Type here to search”) to locate the Zoom application. Click Start Zoom to run the application.

Signing in (Windows)  #

Step 1  #

A new window labeled Zoom Cloud Meetings will appear. If you are automatically logged in, skip to the next section (i.e., New Meeting). Otherwise, press the white Sign In button.

Step 2  #

There are two ways to sign in to your account, depending on whether you used a Google account or an alternative email account. Proceed with option A if you signed up using a Google email, otherwise, follow option B.

A. Press the Sign In with Google button. Clicking this button will cause a new tab to open in your Chrome browser, which will allow you to sign in using your Google account.

Select the Google account to sign in with.

A window with the button Open Zoom Meetings will then appear; click it to proceed.

B. Enter in your email and password into their respective text boxes, then press the gray Sign In button.